It’s an East Coast-West Coast thing, pt 1

17 October 2008

Once again, I find that when I settle in to my life, finding few things worth blogging about, I am unsuited to change pace when I do bump into something blogworthy. Also, since I haven’t had an iPhone implanted directly into my brain yet, I still need to be near a computer with internet access for long enough to type a post. Tricky.

Anyway, on Wednesday I got to see both the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific in a single day. While transcontinental flights are now so common that almost no one bothers to call them transcontinental anymore, I still think it is pretty cool. At the end of our trip to New York we took off from JFK which, like most other infrastructure in New York City, seems to be much too big, old, and held together by a combination of rust and duct tape to actually survive the traffic it handles. The flight landed at Long Beach, CA, and its airport provided a stark contrast in that regard.

It is not the smallest airport I’ve been in by a long shot, but I was seriously amused by juxtaposing its two small terminal buildings with the picture of gargantuan LAX just a few miles away. But irregardless of the structures the airplane parked at, I was still a little bemused by the notion that the bright water surrounding it was the same phenomenon but so far from the same source seen six hours ago.

On a completely different note, I was gratified to find TV channels available on our flight and watch the presidential debate. If for some reason you are not registered to vote or are ambiguous about voting, get in gear. This is very, very important.

I’d just like to clear up one point that has gone unaddressed, though. As someone who lived in Alaska for six years and am married to a native-born Alaskan, I am not in the least troubled by anyone’s membership in the Alaska Independence Party. While I wouldn’t use the word respectable to describe anyone in Alaska politics, and inasmuch as the entire state is one big fringe group, one of my roommates had an AIP bumper sticker on his fridge for many years. And truly, while Alaska does not have the strong political and cultural motivations for independence that Hawai`i does, they do have a case for finanicial independence that makes Quebec horribly jealous. The Alaska Independence Party is a venerable, if not particularly viable, institution in Alaska, and I leave it to you, kindly readers, to decide for yourselves what you think of a group whose slogan at one time was ‘Yankee Go Home.’

Stay tuned for more chuckles and musings involving public transportation, food, and Mediterranean culture.


2 Responses to “It’s an East Coast-West Coast thing, pt 1”

  1. Baquies Says:

    Now you were on the East Coast and didnt tell me? A pox on you sir!

  2. erikrau Says:

    Believe me when I say that if we had had either one of a. time or, we would have met you. I even suggested it at one point. But the wedding (Alicia’s sister, no less) we were there for and its aftermath kept us pretty busy.

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