‘Lovelorn musk-ox gores favorite sled dog’

1 September 2008

Lots of great Alaska headlines recently, but I want to call attention to the one nobody is talking about. The above graced the front page–above the fold, mind you–of the Anchorage Daily News on Thursday.  Maybe it was funnier to me than to you since I was reading it at 2am in the Girdwood gas station, but hey. Being back in Alaska for the first time in five years can do that to me.



Also worthy of note on a personal level is that we managed to use four modes of transportation in about twelve hours, and five in twenty-four. We took the Greyhound from Corvallis to Portland to avoid $70 in airport parking fees, but the Greyhound depot is downtown at about 6th and Glisan. Amid a travail of late trains, broken ticket machines, and one dollar coins, we then caught the MAX light rail to the airport (that’s two for those of you scoring at home, or even if you’re alone). At least it was a direct flight from PDX to ANC, and on one of the long 737s, which was also one of the emptiest planes I’ve had for a while. Lastly, we picked up a rental car for the three hour drive to Seward, hence the late, late, caffeine fueled news chortle.

We’re up here for a few more days and if avalanches don’t cut off the series of tubes, I’ll try to post some more. We have had some great days seeing puffins, tundra swans, two kinds of whales, and a bunch of other stuff.

Meanwhile, the sled dog is stable after surgery.


One Response to “‘Lovelorn musk-ox gores favorite sled dog’”

  1. William Says:

    You didn’t tell me you were headed to AK. What all are you up to?

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