Not yet the shortest day

20 November 2007

Here are some fall views of Corvallis, though they are now a couple of weeks old. It is now distinctly less green than in the pictures, and most of the leaves are even off the trees. Snow is evidently rare around here, but a little farther East and higher in elevation it is on the ground around and so on.

According to the USNO, it looks like our earliest sunset of the year (about 4.33p) won’t come until around 10 December, and latest sunrise until about three weeks later, around 3 Jan 2008. In the meantime, we’ll still enjoy the crisp fall weather, and think about how it isn’t as bad as Fairbanks.

Looking southeast towards the Valley Library, the main one on campus main campus library

From about the same spot as above, looking east towards the Women’s Center (small blue building nearly hidden).

Lastly, the view westward from our kitchen (not particularly spectacular, I know)

view from our kitchen


2 Responses to “Not yet the shortest day”

  1. roberto Says:

    i don’t see no pictures

  2. erikrau Says:

    Yeah. There you go.

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