Laziness? Must be.

11 November 2007

Which serves two purposes, really. It excuses (or explains) my lack of posts, and saves me from having to come up with a better explanation (or excuse). Although it is possible that the sudden access to two good libraries within the last few weeks has diminished my online presence, save in card catalogues.

Anyway, I soon hope to be posting on religion debate rhetoric, drag show-influenced politics, tree identification, epistemology of Holocaust deniers, and the philosophy of quantum theory. Right after I summit K2, of course. Meantime, here’s a list of some good books:

On Literature, Umberto Eco–the essay on Borges and influence alone is worth the price of admission

Denying the Holocaust, Deborah Lipstadt–I learned more about the process of rationality from the first two chapters than from any other single book I’ve read

Envisioning Information, Edward Tufte–beautiful and needs to be read several times

Where the Suckers Moon, Randall Rothenburg–zany, educational, and bearing few points of reference to anything familiar (it’s about advertising) 


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