Fall (autumnal) equinox–what does it look like?

29 September 2007

This year, the equinox was on Sunday 23 September. Unfortunately, I started this post before time, but didn’t finish it until today. The Sun crossed the celestial equator at 0951 Universal Time that day, and I almost blew a fuse trying to figure out what time that was here. I only ever used rote memorization to keep in mind that Hawai`i is UT-10, so I think I got it right that we are UT-8 here. Whatever, anyway.

I haven’t done any research since March to resolve the issue of whether everybody says we get twelve hours of darkness and twelve of daylight because they neglect all the fiddly little pieces of refraction and so on, or what. More information from kindly contributors is appreciated. I haven’t quite got my bearings here yet, and that makes it hard to get in the rhythym of events. Hard to miss that it is fall, though. The Moon is showing better and better through branches that are barer and barer. And if it weren’t for the Moon, I’d have no idea where the ecliptic was. Somehow it seems more useful now than it did before.

I am enjoying having a house where the Sun isn’t always overhead, too. Although the skylights in the kitchen and bathroom (yes, the bathroom, right over the shower) are nice. I think the south-facing windows in the living room might be the best candidates for some kind of sundial, though. I’ll have to drag out my invaluable reference here soon to figure it out.


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