I guess this hurricane thing has legs

13 August 2007

In distinct contrast with the school cancellations for snow when I was a kid, I have now had a free day from work due to a hurricane. Of course, that merely frees me to go to another job where I will probably spend most of my time either waking up early to inspect the road to the summit or standing in the rain telling people that said road is closed.

We’re a pretty self-sufficient county, in general, and Harry Kim’s background in civil defense may be what makes him so good at the competent-yet-understated messages whose absence so plagues most of the U.S. during natural disasters. Granted part of our self-sufficiency results from our utter lack of infrastructure in many places (those of you who have been to my house can now start laughing). But still.

I have a suspicion that we’ll lose electricity and possibly phones for a while, but I’ve got enough propane to keep my ice cream and beer cold, and what else do you really need?


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