What have those wacky scientists done now?

5 July 2007

A good post on the HAARP project at the Danger Room caused me to spend a while looking for a picture of their offices in the Geophysical Insitute on the UAF campus. No dice on Google images or Flickr, though. Gregg? Layla?

In terms of scientific rhetoric, it seems predictable that people will believe conspiracy theory allegations of the capapbility of some project that looks like it gets 5200 channels when we talk about knowing the age of the Earth to an absurd degree of precision. I had a longer disquisition going on that, but it has now escaped me.

Instead, good news for Pluto. Now if only someone demonstrates the same chutzpah on behalf of Eris, we might be getting somewhere. Also, watch out for dolphins and sea lions–they might be enemy agents.


7 Responses to “What have those wacky scientists done now?”

  1. Sherryll Mleynek Says:

    What is Eris?


  2. erikrau Says:

    Eris is the solar system body formerly known as 2003UB313, and briefly known as ‘the 10th planet.’ It’s bigger than Pluto, but roughly similar in composition and orbit except that Eris’ orbit is tipped about 45 degrees with respect to Earth’s orbit, while Pluto’s is tipped about 20 degrees.

    The linked article by Louis Berman doesn’t spend much time describing Eris, but he has a link to Mike Brown’s page at Caltech, which is as close as you can get to an official Eris page.

  3. Roberto Says:

    The article about Pluto being pardoned is hilarious. I sent it to everyone in the department and most appreciated it. excellent work.

  4. Elle Says:

    You’re either with the marine mammals or your agianst us…

    tee hee hee

  5. baquies Says:

    Those Manatees are planning something, you just wait and see. THEN you will be sorry.

  6. erikrau Says:

    I think there’s a movie plot somewhere if we combine all the elements of this post. “Death-Ray Wielding Scientist Dugongs from Beyond Pluto,” anyone?

  7. baquies Says:

    We will get to that right after the mad scientist, burm zombie movie out at the dredge.

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