Time, travel, and language

28 June 2007

The only constant in my life for the last month or so has been the ecliptic. Amid a ridiculous whirl of packing, helping others pack, preparing for a serious job interview, travelling, apartment hunting, mending fences at work, and sundry other things, I have tried to keep my eyes on the planets at night.

My friends can attest that with little or no provocation, I have been pointing at the night sky with a silly grin on my face and saying “Venus,” or “Jupiter,” or “Saturn.” These celestial non sequiturs are tolerated with polite indulgence and mild shaking of their heads, but they make me feel better. And recently, when Elle and I flew to Oregon where I spent a week before I reluctantly glided back on my own, the lineup of the aforementioned balls of cosmic dirt, together with the waxing gibbous moon, were the only things that kept me centered.

It turns out that I didn’t get the job I interviewed for, despite copious preparation on everything from sprinkler heads to rat catching, as well as thoughful and intense interview prep from some very well-qualified friends. Ah, well. Keep looking, and in the meantime head to the summit today.

For any astro-types out there, check out Stellarium, an open-source planetarium application. It is typically light on features, but has a very nice aesthetic (a feature too often overlooked, in my opinion) and has at least a few Hawaiian star and constellation names, making it one of an even smaller category, as far as I can tell.

Bird types aren’t so lucky, since I don’t have a website for you, but you’ll no doubt be amused by my sheer joy in seeing turkey vultures and crows in abundance. No doubt I’ll get over it.


One Response to “Time, travel, and language”

  1. Baquies Says:

    Dont worry about the job; Sadly I am sure that they knew exactly who they wanted to hire and the job search was just for show. Didn’t matter how qualified you were, jerkasses.

    So what are these celestial bodies you speak of, when I look up into the sky, all I ever see is our all-mighty Sun!

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