Not just semantics

15 May 2007

It seems to me that we’re not being totally consistent. The strongest single aggregation of knowledge going defines science as

any system of knowledge attained by verifiable means. In a more restricted sense, science refers to a system of acquiring knowledge based on empiricism, experimentation, and methodological naturalism, as well as to the organized body of knowledge humans have gained by such research.

At the same time, Thales of Miletus is referred to as the “Father of Science.

Okay so far, except that I can’t figure out a way to define the ability to succesfully survive via agriculture, which started at least 2500 and maybe more like 8500 years before Thales, that is excluded from the above.

And for that matter, why stick with agriculture, since there have probably been organized, knowledge- and method-based hunter-gatherers for longer than that.

I smell a bias here, much like the discussion I had with a certain feminist about the earliest piece of technology, two good candidates for which are a sling to hold a kid and baskets to hold food. Those are rarely mentioned, however, compared with things like the stirrup and the bow-drill, making Tim Allen proud.


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