Living vicariously across the Pacific

21 February 2007

I recieved an email from my friend Rod Floro, a science teacher at Kea’au Middle School who is spending the next several weeks at sea as a crew member on the Alingano Maisu. As with any trip, Rod experienced problems with the airlines and new language at the destination when he flew from Hawai`i Island to Majuro in the Marshall Islands.

According to the PVS website, the voyage from Kealakekua Bay to Majuro lagoon was about 2200 miles and 26 days. One of the first actual signs of land (other than the knowledge of the navigators) was a sighting of birds (manu o ku or white terns) which can range out about a hundred miles from land during the day. Also, Google Maps has much better pictures of Majuro available than they did a couple of days ago.

Below the fold is a bit of Rod’s email–enjoy.

The canoes made it safely to Majuro; 24 days with no compass, no GPS, etc.

So it’s on ladies and gents! Leaving for Pohnpei on the Alingano Maisu, accompanied by the Hokule`a and Kamahele. These next weeks will be an “island hopping” sort of tour.

As for Majuro: 35 miles long, maybe 100ft wide. everyone here has oceanfront property! I think the highest elevation is a whopping 15 ft. water clarity is crystal clear, lots of tasty fish.

no need a car because i think there’s a taxi for each of the 20,000 residents on the island!

-baggage wise, each crew member is allowed 1 48 quart cooler with all your stuff. i’ve spent the last few months, packing and repacking, refining what to bring, etc.

flying to honolulu last sun, the `ohana at aloha airlines hooked me up, with my 4 overweight bags. one particular airline wasn’t as generous for the 3 of us flying to majuro. of the 9 bags, 3 of them didn’t arrive. one of them was my cooler! not sure where they are, flying around in the pacific somewhere. supposed to arrive today, but we’ll see if we’re still around. until then, my `ohana (family) on the canoe has been taking care of me, lending me t-shirts, sunblock, etc.

quick language lesson:

iokwe (yow-quay) – aloha

kamole (kah-mole)- thanks

chich (chitch)- please

ikonon (ee-kun-nan) -i like

ijjep (eeg-jep)- i don’t like

jap chan- stop crying

iowewe (yow-ya-ya)- dude!

ok, standby. . .

take care!



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