V-Day Hilo 2007 (updates)

6 February 2007

It was incredibly remiss of me not to post beforehand on the V-Day 2007 events. Fortunately, the show was a great success, with a nearly full house at the UHH Performing Arts Center, an outstanding Vagina Art show, and a general raising of awareness all around. And, of course, some extremely deserving Vagina Warriors received awards.


[Update] And Feministing has good coverage of a very important reason for presenting and supporting this show every year, in as many places as possible. Elle had already heard of this, natch, but thanks to Roberto for commenting here.


4 Responses to “V-Day Hilo 2007 (updates)”

  1. Roberto Says:

    I’m sure by now you’ve heard of this.


    What is wrong with people in this country. I hate it when people say they want to move to another country, but stupid shit like this does make me want to move. sigh.


  2. erikrau Says:

    Hadn’t heard that, and the fact that it was on Yahoo UK is a travesty in and of itself.

  3. Elle Says:

    This is all over the V-day stuff, and I just got a reminder that we are not legally able to change things. What a bunch of uptight jerks. And all I was worried about was the places that wouldn’t post our posters. Thank goodness I have a serious Vagina Warrior on my side who would have let me cancel the show before changing a word!


  4. erikrau Says:

    I assume that, should it come to it, the V-Day organization can yank permission for the show to continue if they can’t bring themselves to say the word ‘Vagina.’ I suspect, however, that Eve Ensler is media-savvy enough to choose from available options and turn this into a teachable moment. I only hope there is a receptive audience, particularly since it has gone (inter)national.

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