Is this really more egregious than anything else?

17 January 2007

I don’t really have a good key to what news stories set off my outrage-o-meter these days, but the piece this morning on NPR about US Attorneys asked to step down sounded omnious. Particularly when some of them are being replaced by (gasp!) scarcely qualified and highly political White House appointees. The WSJ story (which I don’t know how to link to without requiring registration) lists seven US Attorneys being asked to resign without cause.

Scary. And according to NPR, the Justice Department’s response has been that it is inappropriate (some thing about separation of powers) for Congress to interfere with these appointments. Hm. The stated reason for the dismissals is failure in the job performance department. That’s kind of odd, though, because Carol Lam from San Diego just successfully caught a Republican member of Congress doing bad things. Hm.

Furthermore, the deputy assistant secretary of defense for detainee affairs, a guy named Cully Stimson, went on a bit of a tear in a radio interview last week. His views sound pretty repugnant, but to my mind the two good bits are that in the follow up post are that some pretty big law firms are apparently involved in defending detainees, and that the Department of Defense is distancing themselves from this dude’s comments. Senator Leahy also got pretty fiesty, as he did about the US Attorneys issue. I like that guy.


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