Don’t know how I missed it–Comet McNaught is brighter than Venus

16 January 2007

There is currently a very bright comet visible, and it just passed from morning sky to evening sky. It is still pretty close to the Sun, but Comet McNaught-Hughes, (C/2006 P1) is about magnitude -5 right now. Kudos to dorigo for posting on it.

Look just South of the setting Sun (slightly left as you face West for sunset). The brightest compact and probably twinkling (due to movement of atmosphere) object is Venus, and the extended fuzzy thing is the comet, with a compact head and long tail. It is getting farther and farther South after its closest approach to the Sun, so will be less and less visible to Northern hemisphere observers.

Disclaimer–I haven’t tried it myself, but I will tonight if I can get a good Western horizon. I’ll try to get a good comet post up soon, too.

And now for something completely different, this is cool for those who like anachronistic, bibliophilic trivia.


4 Responses to “Don’t know how I missed it–Comet McNaught is brighter than Venus”

  1. dorigo Says:

    Sad to say, but I have been prevented from even trying to locate the comet so far, the weather above Venice recently – and Geneva now – has been quite awful!
    Let us know if you manage to spot it in daylight…

  2. erikrau Says:

    Not only cloudy here in Hilo, but even on good days, not much Western horizon is visible. Maybe a two hour drive will allow some hairy viewing.

  3. erikrau Says:

    Roberto? Any luck, or is it too far South now?

  4. […] reason for a note of self-pity in that statement is that I missed the most spectacular part of the GREAT COMET OF 2007. Or whatever you want to call it. Whatever, anyway. I did actually get to see some of Comet […]

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