This is too good not to pass along

13 October 2006

Well, I was working only on absence of evidence about the North Korea thing on Sunday. Although many nonproliferation agencies condemned the test, nobody actually said what it was.
Now that I have discovered Jeffery Lewis, I can sleep (more) soundly at night. The money quote from that post:

No one has ever dudded their first test of a simple fission device. North Korean nuclear scientists are now officially the worst ever.

And from the one that I linked to, above.

I close this discourse about operational confidence by noting that the United States has built a missile defense that does not work, to defend against a North Korean missile that does not work, that would carry a nuclear warhead that does not work.

This is all very postmodern.

I love it. Dr. Strangelove, eat your heart out.

Now, back to fearing.


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