Understatement isn’t always the way to go

26 September 2006

As one of my dearest (as of course all of the very select few of you are are) readers pointed out, the tone of my post on the car sale jihad was a little bit ambivalent and didn’t reflect the sense of absurdity and probably frustrated rage I felt that people actually do boneheaded stuff like make these racial and gender attacks.

I believe that even if this ad (and you should click through to JJ Sutherland’s post on the link above to read it so I don’t have to retype it) had been merely tasteless in its description of cars that ‘comfortably seat twelve jihadists in the back,’ and Fatwa Fridays with free rubber swords, it crossed the line into truly, disappointingly offensive by having employees wear burkas. I am now ashamed that I didn’t nurture my indignation into outrage and respond, either to NPR for running such a thing without decrying it, or with the original company. It seems no one else did, either. In what therefore seems like a pyrrhic victory,

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