Uhhhhh. . . the ugly american, anyone?

25 September 2006

NPR appears to be keeping JJ Sutherland as the host of their blog for so long because he posts about five times a day. Which is good if they are using the blog to increase circulation for stories. Well it’s working–I keep linking to them.

For all you fans of rhetoric out there, or even those merely concerned with the safety of the world, check out his post on the car sale jihad. As the man says, you can’t make this stuff up.

In my original post, I was a little concerned that I did not have another piece to juxtapose with that one. Thanks to Hugo Chavez for stepping up and providing a perfect foil. Despite my seeming lackeyism to the NPR blog, including finding the following link there, I am trying to expand my news horizons. At least it’s not Fox.

Anyway, while Americans behave as above, we need to watch out in case the Republicans try to run Chavez-Voldemort for p2008. Particularly since Chavez seems to be behaving as though he’s trying to get elected in the US. Anyone know what this means?

Finally, the above-mentioned book was fortuitously republished, and it is getting eerily more relevant by the moment. I haven’t seen the movie with Brando, so I can’t comment on that, but do get ahold of the book if you can.


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