Perpetuum mobile of the first kind

28 August 2006

Bob Park on the alert, once again. Whatever the scientific liklihood of something that puts out more energy than it takes in, the ground near the subject is certainly littered with the bodies of dead investors. Perhaps there is a truism wherein quasi-scientific things so sought after always turn out to owe their existence to our imperfect understanding of the cosmos. Or maybe I just failed physics.


This is the slogan of Steorn, a Dublin company that is assembling
a jury of scientists to evaluate a device using moving permanent
magnets to produce free energy. WN has exposed so many of these
devices in the past that it gets depressing. So this time we
examined the slogan instead. It’s from George Bernard Shaw’s
Anajanska [1919], but the full quote must have been been lost.
We’ve found the full quote: “All great truths begin as
blasphemies, but all blasphemies do not become great truths.”

I need to go back to his page and check out more of what Don Lancaster has to say. I think it might be very interesting.

Edited note: turns out it wasn’t a real GBS quote, after all. Bob Park apologized for that. Don’t know about the other guys.


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