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28 August 2006

I’ve been meaning to post for a while about the upcoming election, and while Hawai`i politics is not as exciting as Alaska, it’s still interesting. While I am not in danger of becoming a political blogger (for which I’m sure there is an even more awkward backronym) I do want to extend my efforts to help Brian Schatz, a Democrat running for the 2nd Congressional District in Hawai`i.

In fact, we have been sign waving and canvassing for Brian already, but since more people read this than drive by my house–it helps that we live on a back road–I’ll just say that I think Brian is the best person to represent Hawai`i in the U.S. House of Representatives. He’s smart, honest, and the thing which I respect most, willing to expose himself to the slings and arrows of an open discussion with voters. While the setting in which I saw him do so was a small gathering, that does not mean that all the questions were gimmes nor all the questioners soft and benevolent. But Brian showed no sign of relying on “ten words,” or any other campaign devices designed to evoke obedience.

Anyway, according to Al Hulsen, Hawai`i voter turnout has been the lowest in the country for some time. That is the kind of statistic that feels like a presage to a sickening lurch from “we don’t need to do anything,” to “we can’t do anything,” and we’ve had enough of that already.

Sent Thursday, August 24, 2006 10:22 pm
Subject Brian Schatz’s Big Island Campaign


The primary election is less than a month away! Brian Schatz’s 2nd District Congressional campaign is building more momentum by the day and we need to step it up as much as we can to push through the primary election. Absentee voting has already started and there have been in excess of 200 ballots already cast. In addition, there has been a 4% increase in registered voters since the last election and with the Senatorial primary there will be a record amount of people out to vote. The 2nd district congressional race is a packed field with 10 democrats seeking to prevail in the primary, because of this the actual number of votes need to win will be much smaller than in other elections, but even more obtainable. Every single vote counts in this primary election, it could be won with as little as 15% of the vote. This primary race will be extremely close and it is so important that we continue with our grass roots efforts. I have been hearing more and more that this race can be won with the Big Island and I do not doubt that for a second.

Below is our initial schedule starting next week for Hilo, I will be adding more as we go along and we will be working on one for Kona & Waimea as well, but please contact me if you want to take the initiative and add other times or take signs out to put in yards. The police are cracking down on signwaving rules, so I am looking into what is legal to do on the Panaewa stretch, the list below will stay the same, but other things will be added as well. Please email me if you can help with the fair booth or the grand rally and I will forward more information on these events too.

Thank you all for your support and please contact me if you have ideas or suggestions about anything or if there are events you are aware of that Brian should attend,


Tuesday, 8/29: Signwaving bayfront 4p.
Friday, 9/1: Signwaving bayfront 4p.
Saturday, 9/2: Canvass, Puna/Makuu Market
Tuesday, 9/5: Signwaving bayfront 4p.
Friday, 9/8: Signwaving bayfront 4p.
Saturday, 9/9: Canvass, upper Kaumana
Tuesday, 9/12: Signwaving bayfront 4p.
Thursday 9/14-Sunday 9/17: County Fair
Friday, 9/15: Signwaving bayfront 4p.
Monday, 9/18: Signwaving 4p.
Tuesday, 9/19: Signwaving 4p.
Thursday, 9/21: Signwaving 4p
Friday, 9/22: MASS SIGNWAVING Bayfront 3:30p
Grand Rally @ Mooheau Bandstand, 5p.
Saturday, 9/23: Precinct signwaving


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