Debbie Weeks update

28 August 2006

One of the best instructors I’ve ever had, as well as being a kick-ass sailor and chemist, and her leaving is a loss to UH Hilo. Fortunately, she is now traveling the world on her way to a good job in Australia. Here’s the most recent email:

From Debbie Weeks
Sent Monday, August 28, 2006 10:18 am
Subject Ciao!

Aloha all!
I made it to Rome, but my luggage is still in
Dublin! Since I carried virtually NOTHING onto the
plane, I’m hoping my stuff shows up here tomorrow as I
was told it might. So far, I’m thinking my luggage
had the right idea, but I’m sure it’ll be fun to walk
around Rome tomorrow after I’ve rested.
Ireland was GREAT! We flew into Shannon, then
drove south to stay in Kilarney, County Kerry, which
has a huge national park. We took a Jaunty Cart ride
through a small part of it. Then we went back north
and took a ferry into County Clare and stayed in the
Burren. There were many interesting Druid ruins,
etc., and we attempted to bring a monolithic dolmen
back with us. Sadly, the Fiat was too small to manage
it. Next was Galway and out a very scenic drive to
Cleggin on the west coast. We had Irish Stew at
Suzan’s friend’s place in Tuam. Suzan and I were
fortunate to meet and visit the homes of friends and
relatives of Suzan’s. They treated us right and saved
us from over-doing it at the pubs (well, that might be
contested!) The Guinness was all one could hope for,
and I made a very noble attempt to have a few for
everyone, and then some more for me, but I digress…
We stayed in Galway and did some shopping the next
morning, then visitted Suzan’s (and now my) friends in
Tuam again on our way to Sligo where we stayed in the
former harbour master’s house. We had a blast at the
pubs and restaurant there, so got a late start to
Northern Ireland where we stayed with Suzan’s cousin
for 2 days. She showed us the scenery of the Giant’s
Causeway and we took a ferry over to Donegal so we
could go to the most Northern point in Ireland. All
day Sunday we worked our way back toward Shannon and
stayed in Ennis, which has a lot of history, including
a substantial Franciscan Friary.
Travelling hasn’t been too bad… the small
airports are the way to go! I’ll probably have to
deal with long lines when I leave Rome; hopefully my
luggage catches up to me by then! Time to go out and
see if they know how to make pizza here!


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