4 August 2006

I didn’t really think of it at the time, but on 24 July it was a nice cinematic homage to gather in the atrium at `Imiloa Astronomy Center, waiting for the Sun to reach a certain position in the sky.

It only happens if you live in the tropics, and even then only two days each year, but the Sun is directly overhead for a few moments. It definitely qualifies as one of those things that seems as though they must happen all the time, but actually do not. It doesn’t even require any actual math to figure out when it will happen, just a little research and a map with latitude and longitude to some degree of precision. As such, it is mostly interesting to navigators, astrogeeks, and rogue archeologists fighting Nazis. For pictures, see the album on this site also titled “Heliometry?”


2 Responses to “Heliometry?”

  1. Roberto Says:

    love the pictures. i’m surprised there weren’t more people there to look at this happening.

  2. Wookie Says:

    I also was surprised by the lack of attendance. It was a Monday, `Imiloa’s not-open day, so the only reason anybody viewed from inside and not outside was that I snuck in through the back door.

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