Dido, gauche, heifer

19 July 2006

The rule about no proper nouns in Scrabble is patently absurd. You get much cooler games if you keep them in. Last night we played a couple of medium-cool boards, and the only reasons I kept up were: 1. I had a few glasses of wine & 2. Bruckner finally ended and Handel & Bach came on the radio.

I really, really wanted to play ‘zeugma,’ or ‘syllepsis,’ but never got the letters. I learned the words from Alexander McCall Smith’s The Sunday Philosopher’s Club, where he ‘cherishes words like a gardner nursing a sick plant.’ Good for Alexander.

Ciardi quotes WH Auden on young poets ‘hanging around words to see how they behave.’ Playing Scrabble with a fiercely intelligent and creative opponent is a pretty good dose of that, I’d say.


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