A nice evening

7 July 2006

Due to the complete and total devastation caused by painting our kitchen Cherry Soda, we ate dinner last night on the lanai. Our yard isn’t in great shape, and there is still some clutter, but the cool air, candlelight, and clear table made it worth it.

The lot our house sits on was ‘dozered perhaps thirty years ago, giving me the right to be indignant about all these latecomers doing it now. Whoever cleared our place also planted lots of Cook pines around the house, and lemon trees on the adjacent lot. These two potholes, however, are surrounded by a fair bit of ohi`a-hapu`u-uluhe forest across the street and thin strips on either side. The upshot of that is a nice mix of native birds and the more familiar (to me) invasives. In the morning, it sounds like we live in the sound diorama at Kilauea Visitor Center. Last night, I saw cardinals, house finches, and the massively ubiquitous English sparrows.


One Response to “A nice evening”

  1. rachel Says:

    just my two cents, a cloud of glory is good

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