Doesn’t anybody read 1984 anymore?

14 June 2006

I suppose the reformation produced by these meteors was like the appearance of the meteors themselves–of very short duration. I have no faith in any repentance grounded upon objects of faith.

-Samuel Rogers in Toils & Struggles of the Olden Times, talking about the 1833 Leonid meteor shower.

It is heartening that there are many smart, active, humane people out there. I spent the evening talking to my friend Elizabeth, who is midway through a graduate program in environmental management and back doing some research at Kiholo Bay here on the island. I reflected on friends in or recently graduated from law school, PhD programs, and so on. And I felt pretty good about social activism and an emerging liberal electorate.

Then, seeking more intellects vast and cool and sympathetic I read this freaky piece of news. We need more smart, active, humane people.


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